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Discover Our Healing Touch for Chronic Wounds

Are you one of the seven million Americans suffering with the pain of a chronic wound - a wound that doesn't start to heal within four weeks or hasn't healed within eight weeks? Living with a chronic wound is difficult and can lead to serious consequences. At Health First Wound Management, our goal is to heal wounds so our patients can avoid serious complications and resume the lifestyle and activities they enjoyed before developing chronic wounds.

Individuals diagnosed with diabetes are at greatest risk. Up to 15% of the estimated 17 million Americans with diabetes may suffer from chronic wounds, mostly commonly non-healing foot sores, which can lead to amputation. Pressure ulcers (sometimes called 'bed sores'), for example, can develop in nursing home patients who are confined to bed, and can evolve into chronic wounds. Likewise, for a person with diabetes, a simple foot blister may result in a chronic open sore, serious infection, gangrene and may even require amputation. Other pressure areas are the heels, elbows and bony prominences.

At Health First Wound Management, each patient undergoes an initial evaluation of the wound, medical history and current health. Blood tests, and other laboratory work-ups that provide information about blood and oxygen flow, may be ordered. Once test results are compiled, the physician determines if an underlying condition, such as diabetes, is inhibiting the natural healing process.

Next, an individualized, aggressive treatment program is planned, and specialists are brought into the case depending upon the assessment. Health First Wound Management is comprised of multidisciplinary medical team as well as other local independent physicians specializing in podiatry, vascular surgeons, internal medicine and general surgery. We also refer our patients to Infectious Disease when indicated.

To refer a patient or make an appointment for yourself, please call 321.434.1788.

For Referring Physicians

Please complete our referral form and fax to 321.837.1718 or call 321.434.1788 for more information.